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Visit our site RASXPRESS.com and click on the STORES tab. Read the instructions and fill out the customer information form, so we have a way to contact you regarding your purchase. Once you complete the form you can browse and view the various pages of shopping, find what you want. When you locate your articles of interest you have two options:
  1. Print the page with the items you want to buy take it to our office or email them to us cs@rasxpress.com and we will complete the process for you.
  1. Visit our main office in coxen hole and there we will help you with the entire process.
Either way (1 or 2) you can do your shopping online. Once the purchase is made, it will be shipped to our office in Miami. From Miami we will ship to Roatan the next day. Once in Roatan we do all the paperwork for customs and have your purchases ready for pick up at our office in the shortest amount of time.



Want to know more?
Watch the YouTube video interview of Gil by TJ Lynch.

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