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UPDATE MAY 15, 2017

Quick explantion why invoices are important:
In order to process the shipments through customs with no delay; we start the process the day we received the manifest from Miami. At the same time, we upload the manifest into this website for you to receive notification of pacakge.  If no invoice was found in the package, the notification will specifically call this out.  We try to do this PRE-CLEARANCE process so the following day when the packages physically arrive at the airport; all we have to do is present the paperwork; go through customs inspection and if all goes well, we pick up the shipment by 1:00 pm the following day from when you get the notification from our website.

If we have any invoice missing from any given shipment, the entire shipment is subject to an " ädministrative Hold " rendering all the PRE-CLEARANCE work futile. The whole purpose of preclearance is avoid delays and get your packages out ASAP (as soon as possible)

Shipments are now back to Normal

Shipment Schedule Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.



Use this email to send us complaints, compliments, suggestions and general comments about anything related to our employees and the way you are being served by them.We value your input and to show our appreciation for taking the time to tell us, we will make a small credit adjustment to your account. Thank you.


A big THANK YOU to the customers who are cooperating with the invoice issue, we can see the difference. Please keep in mind, this is a requirement from Honduran customs and we are just trying to comply.

Our air service has suffered in the last few weeks and we apologize for the delays. We are working with the Avianca Airlines to improve our reliability. We are also working with Cayman Airways again to restore the shipment we had with them. Both these efforts will retunr the air service to where it should be, RELIABLE.

We closed the office in French Harbor due to personnel problems which are now resolved.  We welcome Victoria Dixon who who will manage this office.

We had announced a rate increase due to the rise in our costs. We are postponing this change until our service returns to the level of quality you deserve.

Our customs brokerage service is up and running and ready to process your large imports through our French Harbor office.

Thank you for your support



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